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Food photography

For many travelers, an excellent range of food and drinks has long since become one of the most important indicators of quality and Guest-appreciation.

For this reason, we also want to meet the highest standards in the field of food photography.


A good quality of the culinary offer speaks for the appreciation of the hotel guests as well as a generally high service awareness of the hotel/resort.


A good hotelm restaurant, which attaches particular importance to high-quality food, can upgrade a hotel enormously and generate good ratings for the hotel.


Good hotel restaurants can also significantly increase the social media presence of a hotel. Restaurants with well presented and tasty food are most likely to be promoted by customers on their social media pages, helping to maintain the hotel's online presence.

Food photography for hotels & restaurants by hotel and food photographer Tim Karapetian

Hotel and food photographer Tim Karapetian offers his hotel photography and food photography service in the following cities and countries: Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Bremen, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Cologne, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, worldwide.

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